Land was first selected at Valla or Deep Creek as it was then known by Nathaniel Buchanan and his brother Andrew. Nathaniel and Andrew took up a selection at Deep Creek in 1870 to raise cattle and maize. The country was covered by dense scrub and blackbutt and over time it was cleared. Kempsey was reached by bridle track through thick scrub and lawyer vines.

The first Buchanan home was built of slabs of bark and stood on the banks of Deep Creek.

Nathaniel’s first child was born in  in 1873. Later on in 1873 his home was destroyed in a fire and they re built not far from their first  original home.

At Valla Beach the northern side is still known by old timers as Letter Box Beach. Here a mail box was nailed to a tree. Mail for Nathaniel and Andrews families was left here by horseman riding along the beaches. Mail was collect by rowing a boat down Deep Creek.

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